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Life at Roboyo


Roboyo isn’t just a company; we thrive as a community of innovators, collaborators, and visionaries united by our commitment to and passion for pushing boundaries, celebrating diversity, and shaping the future of work. Our incredible team are the heart and soul of our organization, and our vibrant culture runs through everything we do.

Discover what it’s like to be a part of Roboyo, meet the fantastic teams driving our success, and catch a glimpse of how we relax and have fun.

Benefits at a glance

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Professional Development
Our Talent Management Team fuels our hunger for learning. We’re talking about a treasure trove of opportunities – think interactive training sessions, engaging workshops, and certification programs that turn our skills into superpowers. Thanks to them, our horizons expand, our expertise deepens, and our careers are next level.
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Recognition and Rewards
Every quarter, we celebrate our employees through our HERO awards program. It’s a way for Roboyans to give a big shout-out to other incredible Roboyans who truly live and breathe our company values with unwavering dedication and passion.
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Work environment
From our bustling headquarters in Nuremberg to global office hubs and remote work options, our physical and virtual spaces are designed to inspire creativity. So, whether we’re side by side or screen to screen, the ideas flow and our technology dreams come to life.

Meet the Teams

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Delivery Team

We’re not just tech experts – we’re dedicated partners in solving business challenges and achieving outstanding results. We spend our days crafting personalized strategies that infuse innovation into operations, working with cutting-edge tech to shape the future of digital transformation!

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Managed Services Team

We manage and supercharge our clients’ automation ecosystem, so they can focus on what matters most! From expertly managing security updates and fine-tuning workflows to keeping them ahead of the curve with the latest software features. We’ve got it covered!

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Marketing Team

The place where creativity meets strategy – we spend our days crafting stories that leave a lasting impression. Whether we’re fine-tuning our website or brainstorming new ways to inspire our customers, we love spreading the Roboyo magic across the globe.

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Growth Team

Our mission goes beyond mere sales. Our focus is on nurturing relationships that fuel growth, for Roboyo and our customers. We bridge the gap between our cutting-edge solutions and our customers’ needs to ensure they’re getting the solutions that deliver maximum impact.

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Finance & Operations Team

We love keeping the gears of Roboyo’s engine running smoothly whether it’s managing financial intricacies or optimizing operational processes – all essential to the success of the business.

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People Team

We’re all about making sure our people thrive. Whether it’s finding the best talent, providing great onboarding, continuous training & development, or fantastic benefits, we’re here every step of the way, ensuring every Roboyan’s experience is top-notch.

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Internal IT Team

We’re the behind-the-scenes superheroes of Roboyo – an essential service team that keeps the magic happening. We’re all about embracing the cloud and using the brilliant cloud-based apps from our partners to deliver efficient and seamless solutions.

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Cybersecurity Team

Our team works hard to keep all our client’s tech safe and sound. We stay one step ahead of cyber trouble, strengthen defences, and jump into action if anything goes awry. You can count on us to protect data and systems like the trusty online guardians we are.

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Product Development Team

We’re all about making sure our in-house platforms, such as Converge and IMS, are not just at the cutting edge of technology but are a perfect fit for our customers. We’re passionate about crafting products that go above and beyond our customers’ needs and making sure everything runs smoothly is our top priority.

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