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Application Engineering Manager – Erika Colombo

Jul 5, 2024 | 4 min read

AT ROBOYO, OUR SUCCESS IN PIONEERING CUTTING-EDGE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IS ALL THANKS TO OUR AMAZING TEAM. Our “Employee Spotlight” blog series is a tribute to the remarkable talents that shape Roboyo’s culture and drives our innovative spirit. Discover more about the extraordinary individuals who make Roboyo truly special.

Get ready for a fascinating chat with Erika Colombo, our Manager of Application Engineering in Italy, who joined Roboyo in 2022. Erika is not just a tech whiz; she also holds a degree in Theoretical Physics (WOW!). She’s here to share what makes Roboyo’s culture so great. From her proudest achievements to dreaming of having in-depth conversations with Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus! Dive in to discover the many sides of Erika’s journey at Roboyo.

We have a very friendly environment company. You can always rely on your colleagues and drop a question in Teams knowing you have cool people to talk to, giving you the best advice.

“What I like most about working at Roboyo is solving real life problems and the creativity associated with it.  In short, making the impossible, possible.”

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Erika Colombo with roboyo cap

I think what I like the most is when I start to see a kind of legacy. When you see people that you’ve worked with or that you’ve coached, advance in their careers, and take what you’ve taught them to other clients on other projects and grow in their own ways, it’s an incredible thing. To know that you’ve done a little bit, that you’ve participated in their growth, makes me proud.

I am a consulting manager in Italy, so within my scope, I play quite an important role in the growth of the Italian market. Added to this, since I am a manager, I am responsible for delivering. So the customers must have a great customer experience. At the same time, a third pillar is that I cannot forget that there are people who work with me and must grow and develop in Roboyo. And I am also responsible for my fellow employees to have a great employee experience.

I think there’s one thing that a few people know and that is I have a degree in theoretical physics. Every time I tell people about it, they are amazed. From a personal perspective, I love rollercoasters; I love the adrenaline rush.

Do you think you put into practice some of what you learned in your physics degree in your daily life?

Yes, absolutely. When you do theoretical physics, most of the time you work with a blank piece of paper in front of you, and one of my professors used to say “if you want to be a good physicist, you have to have a rubber” because there are things that are impossible to predict. And that same thing happens when we have to solve a problem for a client, we don’t always know what the right methodology is or the exact way to get everything done. So, you have to understand what’s behind it and put it in the abstract, and then redesign and redefine if needed.

I started eight years ago. To be honest, I actually started by chance when I finished university. I was looking for a PhD position, and while I was looking, I was contacted for a position in a new automation team in PwC Italy. I immediately fell in love with RPA when I started to see how it could really change the lives of people.

“At Roboyo we always support each other, and I think we have the opportunity to make mistakes, and you can only find that in a friendly environment.”

I’m a Eurovision fan so I think the last one I heard is the Finland song, so “No rules” by Windows 95.

I am currently reading two books. I can’t read one book at a time. One is about recent Italian history which is something I am very interested in to better understand the world. The other one is about North Korea. It sounds strange, but I am a volunteer in an association that is in charge of informing people about the situation there, so that’s why I am reading it.

I would like to travel to New Zealand. That’s definitely on the bucket list.

My last name is Colombo, so I would also like to talk to Cristobal Colombo, because every time I travel to Spain or Portugal they tell me: are you a relative? No, I am not. But I would like to talk to him because I’ve always been fascinated by the exploration part. I would also love to talk to Marco Polo.

They were facing the unknown when they started their journeys, and they made it. I think we know so little about that period, and it would be nice to understand the history of the things that happened there.

I’d like to talk to him also to say, well, maybe I’m your granddaughter!

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