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Roboyo is not a typical technology consultancy. We have been at the forefront of Business Process Automation since the sector began, less than a decade ago.

We started as pioneers. Today, we are the world’s largest specialist Intelligent Automation company and remain at the cutting edge. Our growth, success and contribution to the success of our clients is a result of one thing – our people.

We are united by our purpose, to take what’s possible to the Next Level – for our clients, our business and for each other.

And we are driven by values we share – the things that matter to us and that we choose to uphold.

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Our values

We have passion in our hearts

We care. For our work, our colleagues, our customers and their goals. Our values are coded into every action we take at Roboyo. We are dedicated and committed to delivering positive results daily, whether that is in work or in the world around us. It is our responsibility to start every day with the question “How can we take what’s possible to the Next Level?”.

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We have fire in our bellies

We are accountable. We are inspired. We are not afraid to get involved. Our hunger for learning is what propels us forward as we pave the way in cutting edge technology. By rewarding ownership, output, collaboration and authenticity we strengthen our expertise as we build upon our knowledge and deliver strong results.

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Respect and humor is key to our success

Respect, honesty and humor are at the heart of how we communicate. We believe that the recipe for succeeding as a team lies in sharing knowledge, feedback, and laughter. By being approachable and not taking ourselves too seriously we create a fun and motivating culture where every single Roboyan has a seat at the table.

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We are different, but we are one

We embrace differences, applaud individuality, and promise to leverage our position as a truly global company to continuously promote all aspects of diversity in our workplace.  After all, we are one Roboyo.

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In a continued effort to ensure we offer our customers the very best in knowledge and skills, Roboyo has acquired Jolt Advantage Group.




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In a continued effort to ensure we offer our customers the very best in knowledge and skills, Roboyo has acquired AKOA.