Intelligent Document Processing

Extract data and business value from your enterprise documents with IDP

AI-powered efficiency

We use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to convert structured and semi-structured information from scanned or electronic documents into digital records, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Documents are classified and categorised using assisted training and self-learning, and the information extracted using semantic text analysis. Exceptions can be escalated for human intervention when required to maintain quality. 

IDP can reduce processing time by 50% or more, eradicating errors and having a radical effect on productivity and efficiency. 

All types of documents can be exported and stored in any location, and IDP can extract specific line-item data from tables as well as standard text to digitise a wide range of business operations. 

Transform documents into value
Whether your processes are on-premises or in the cloud, leveraging our best practice methodologies allows IDP to be deployed in a way that delivers considerable return on investment in short timescales. 

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Most organisations still have to process high volumes of documents manually, such as invoices, legal documents or correspondence. These can be time consuming and costly to process, creating bottlenecks in workflows and often creating errors. 

Use Cases


Processing and booking invoices automatically into an ERP saves costs for a lightning-fast ROI.

banking and finance

Improve onboarding new clients and customer service by automating manual paperwork in account opening, credit card application processing, loan origination, and other key processes.


Free up medical professionals to focus on patient care by reducing the labour-intensive work and increasing the efficiency of document processing, including patient records and medical prescription forms.


Automate the full spectrum of governmental document processing, from pension forms and tax declarations to election ballots and social care records, with stringent levels of security and reliability.


Achieve significant cost savings by automating not just business management documents but also specialist legal documents where accuracy is crucial.


Use Intelligent Document Processing to drive value in an industry that relies heavily on data for business success – from claim forms to policy agreements, many workflows will benefit from IDP.

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