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Identify & evaluate Intelligent Automation opportunities

Scout is a next-generation automation discovery and business case tool.

Selecting the right process to automate is a critical decision. Achieving the appropriate balance between cost savings and implementation complexity will determine the speed and scale of automation success. Scout pinpoints this balance by bringing drag and drop simplicity to best practice methodologies.

Scout can evaluate a high volume of processes through assessment sprints, enabling you to identify priority processes and build a compelling business case for Intelligent Automation.

Scout is driven by your enterprise strategy, business goals and benefit drivers for automation.

By analyzing operational process metrics, it determines the right technologies across the intelligent automation spectrum, from RPA, IDP and OCR to ML and AI.

Scout then visualizes a heat map of qualified automation opportunities by geography and business unit, providing a ready-to-automate shortlist. This creates a high-value Intelligent Automation roadmap, with the greatest chance of success, scale and business impact.

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On average, Scout triples the number of opportunities evaluated.

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On average Scout reduces assessment time by 43%, improving the accuracy of ROI models

Scout replaces outdated excel data collection and comparison models, delivering our proven methodology with an intuitive, intelligent, cloud-based tool.


Define Business Units

Create and update target business units. Then define priorities based on strategy, the benefit drivers for automation, as well as assumptions for evaluating ROI

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Input Process Detail

Input operational process metrics and identify the application ecosystem used in the process. Indicate requirements to determine automation technology

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Visualize your Results

Visualize opportunities by geography and business unit, evaluating & prioritizing based on ease of implementation and benefit to the organization

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roboyo converge scout animation roboyo converge scout animation

Roboyo Scout Key features

  • Prioritize automation identification based on your business strategy and goals
  • Enable consistent data gathering
  • Increase the quality of data input with our Knowledge Base
  • Build your business case by estimating potential benefits
  • Visualization of financial and non-financial benefits
  • Recommendation of automation technology
roboyo converge scout roboyo converge scout
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