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Automative Impact

Our automation program for a German automotive company delivered a year 1 ROI of 250%.

Hyperautomation for a global auto antenna manufacturer sped processes up by a factor of 16.

On one automotive program Roboyo created a digital worker that reduced processing times from 2 days a week to just 1 hour.

The automotive industry sits at the nexus of major global trends: the shift to renewable energy, autonomous mobility, digitization and big data. Responding efficiently and cost-effectively is essential to keep pace with these radical shifts in the market.

Secure an automation advantage
Processes are the engine of the enterprise. From the back office to the front seat, Intelligent Automation can revolutionise the way processes are performed, enabling automotive businesses to automate out cost, time and errors and automate in efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.

Turbo charge efficiency and productivity
Today’s vehicles generate unprecedented volumes of data, which create opportunities to build value.

AI-powered automation captures this value by analysing vast data streams at many times the speed of human analysis, with 100% accuracy.

The hybrid era
Tasking a digital workforce to handle high-volume, repetitive processes liberates employees to focus on high-value, innovative work. Creating a hybrid Human+Digital workforce provides automotive manufacturers with the agility to weather the rapid transformations taking place in the industry and delivers an edge in this new competitive frontier.

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Use cases


Data is only valuable if it is properly used: intelligent automation will manage, store and analyse the data generated by vehicles to provide accurate reporting and drive innovation.


Complex global supply chains, from sourcing parts for manufacturing to distributing the vehicles themselves, can be made less labour-intensive, and with fewer errors, through the use of intelligent automation. Monitoring stock and inventory levels, bills of materials, supplying replacement parts and supply chain logistics all lend themselves perfectly to automation.


Automating repetitive tasks in finance such as invoice processing, accounts payable, month end processes and reconciliation increases accuracy, efficiency and speed.


Tendering for parts suppliers and reconciling multiple quotes into one report can take up many hours, but is accomplished in minutes by RPA, accelerating the process of procurement.

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