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Evaluate & improve code quality

Coach is a revolutionary code quality and developer enablement tool, designed to ensure that no automation fails in production.

Testing is often the moment when problems with automation code become apparent. By enabling developers to identify quality issues as early as possible, Coach avoids the need for further code iterations, ensuring high standards are maintained and projects adhere strictly to timescales.

A simple drag and drop interface means developers of all abilities can use Coach. It highlights potential problems, errors or areas where the code does not meet the organization’s standards.

Drawing on the Roboyo Knowledge Base, Coach provides best practice approaches to fixing problems, including immediate warnings and insights.

By re-engineering quality assurance as an interactive and configurable tool, Coach allows Release Managers to make accurate approvals without technical experience and developers to learn in real time.

This ensures delivery of high-quality automation programs, while accelerating the skills development of your program team and the automation learning curve of your enterprise.

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    roboyo converge coach animation roboyo converge coach animation

    Roboyo Coach Key features

    • Simple drag and drop interface
    • UiPath and Blue Prism Support
    • Review and approve code quality and export results in a PDF report
    • Project history tracking to monitor the latest changes and improvements
    • Automated quality checks to help new developers learn faster
    • KPI dashboard for tracking status and quality in the development cycle
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