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The Cockpit module provides powerful, ready-to-use, and custom reporting so you can govern your Intelligent Automation journey with an evidence-based and data-driven approach.

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Its highly visual dashboard foregrounds business-critical metrics across your whole automation portfolio, while permitting users to drill down to the granular data for closer monitoring. Enterprise visibility of processes in production increases transparency and builds trust. Active monitoring and alerts when SLAs are at risk ensure quality performance goals are met.

Cockpit can plug in real-time data streams gathered from across the Converge platform, add external data sources or integrate into your intranet.

Cockpit goes further than harnessing data for faster issue diagnosis, better maintenance, and more stable operations. Its insights provide the roadmap needed to go beyond process automation to enterprise transformation.

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Cockpit is a Board-ready BI tool that enables you to measure the value of your Intelligent Automation ecosystem and improve its business impact.

Roboyo Cockpit Key features

  • Ready-to-use report templates
  • Monitor value and return on investment in real-time
  • Assess Intelligent Automation performance across your whole portfolio
  • Export data in a range of formats
  • Build your own customized reports
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