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Feb 22, 2022 | < 1 min read

Delivering Next Level employee engagement.

Nurturing a culture where employee engagement is actively encouraged, reaps rewards. Keen to accelerate their automation capability, MSD wanted to dig into the knowledge, expertise and experience of their people to develop an innovative roadmap to deliver Next Level business performance.

Our Client: MSD are one of the top five global biopharmaceutical companies and help to transform the lives of millions of patients and populations by providing innovative medicines, vaccines and services.


Increase of 22% in excitement amongst employees Increase of 22% in excitement amongst employees

Excitement about the potential for automation increased by 22%.

66% more knowledge amongst employees 66% more knowledge amongst employees

Intelligent Automation knowledge increased across the business by 66%.

31 opportunities generated 31 opportunities generated

31 automation opportunities were crowdsourced, providing a wealth of ideas.



Globally, MSD set a bold ambition to generate a significant proportion of their growth capacity through Intelligent Automation.

Following successful demonstrations of the potential for automation by MSD’s global RPA team, the UK market were keen to accelerate their own automation capability.

They were looking to rapidly increase knowledge and excitement about automation across the business, then use this enthusiasm to crowdsource a roadmap of automation opportunities.



Roboyo designed and delivered a seven-week automation innovation campaign.

This consisted of a series of Automation Discovery Workshops open to all MSD UK employees to give them a foundational understanding of the potential of Intelligent Automation and the opportunity to develop their very first automation ideas.

We then ran a crowdsourcing activity for people to submit their ideas for evaluation. The five highest rated ideas went through to a ‘Shark Tank’ style live final where the owners pitched their ideas to a judging panel of leaders and experts from MSD and Roboyo.

Layered over the campaign was a consistent drumbeat of comms and engagement activities to raise awareness, understanding and excitement.



31 automation opportunities were crowdsourced through the campaign, providing a wealth of ideas to build out MSD UK’s automation roadmap.

The winning idea from the live final was fast-tracked for implementation, followed by the other finalists’ ideas.

Alongside this, the campaign created strong foundations for a culture of automation in MSD. Through the comms activities and Automation Discovery Workshops, knowledge about Intelligent Automation across MSD UK increased by 66% (to 7.9/10). Meanwhile, excitement about the potential for automation increased by 22% (to 8.9/10).

“We engaged Roboyo as our partner for an automation innovation campaign. The aim was to crowdsource a pipeline of automation ideas to improve how we operate for our people, patients and business.

I was impressed from start to finish with their expertise, their professionalism, their passion and the performance of the Roboyo team. Working with our internal team, Roboyo drove significant increases in understanding and excitement about automation across MSD through a high quality engagement campaign.

We now have over 30 automation opportunities that all have the potential to have a tangible and sustainable impact on our business.”

Sam Pygall, Executive Director, Commercial Strategy & Operations, MSD


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