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RPA as a Service (RPAaaS): Taking automation to the cloud

Apr 1, 2022 | 2 min read

ROBOYO VOICES: As one of our expert Automation Engineers, Žanis Saulevičs dedicates himself to developing and implementing process automation solutions for Roboyo’s clients across multiple industries. Passionate about sharing the positive impact of RPA and exploring the vast potential of the RPA market, here Žanis shares his thoughts on taking automation to the cloud.

Since the turn of the century Software as a Service (SaaS) has grown exponentially and is now omnipresent within organizations looking to transform and future-proof their businesses. By 2026, the global SaaS market is expected to reach $374.48 billion by 2026, up from an estimated $240.61 billion in 2022.

In this ever-evolving world of Intelligent Automation, we are seeing similar growth patterns as modern Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions adopt more and more SaaS features. By becoming ‘SaaS-ified’, RPA allows clients to minimize their upfront investments into in-house physical and software set-up, while still reaping the benefits of RPA.


To begin with, it’s important to explore the difference between RPA Services and RPA-as-a-service (RPAaaS). Even though the two terms might appear similar, there is a fundamental difference.

RPA Services implies exactly that: providing on-premise RPA Services which includes taking care of a company’s existing IT infrastructure and providing the relevant support services.

For some companies dealing with highly sensitive data or juggling complex industry regulations, an on-premise solution could be the best option. On-premise solutions are reliable, secure and allow companies to have full control. It also requires a skilled and experienced in-house IT team who can work alongside an RPA Service provider to manage the automation ecosystem.

However, for organizations looking to fully transition to a cloud-based infrastructure, or those where cost, and a lack of resource, is viewed as an obstacle, RPAaaS could be the answer to their prayers.


Thanks to its ‘cloudy’ nature, RPAaaS inherits a series of benefits from the SaaS field. By leveraging these, customers can start to reap substantial rewards from Day 1:

REDUCED COSTS – no in-house infrastructure or resources required and no need for upfront or recurring licensing costs.

FASTRACKED ROI – immediate performance impact.

SCALABILITY – by adding bot capacities.

FASTER DEPLOYMENT – due to fewer IT dependencies.

IMPROVED SECURITY – through implementing a multi-layered approach to security. All thanks to secure cloud operations, data management and role-based access management.

Choose a partner with care

Moving RPA solutions to the cloud brings many advantages, however as with any IT solution, there are some key points to consider. When comparing RPAaaS to on-prem RPA, cloud-based RPA does not automatically mean simpler licensing models. Each software module may be priced separately, combined with consumption, or outcome-based pricing.

Moreover, cloud environments also imply usage and maintenance costs, and as organizations employ more RPA solutions, so would the dedicated infrastructure and corresponding expenses increase. That is why it is important when choosing the right RPAaaS provider for your organization. Selecting one that complies with security and data privacy regulations is crucial as any potential data breaches, or server downtimes can become a severe pain point.

Immediate performance impact

At Roboyo we offer our own transparent and straightforward Plug & Play Automation concept that provides total visibility to customers from project planning through to implementation. We have also made hidden costs a thing of the past, with our straightforward pricing model. This consists of clear, pre-defined pricing packages for varying levels of processing complexity. Our Plug & Play solution also comes with an ROI guarantee, meaning zero costs until our bot(s) are in production and generating value.

Finally, Roboyo is a name you can trust. By working with proven technologies, we can deliver warp speed-to-value and frictionless innovation, removing the barriers that stand in the way of your organization harnessing the limitless possibilities of automation.

If you would like to know more about how Roboyo can take your RPA to the cloud, contact us to book a meeting.

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