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Mar 11, 2022 | 3 min read

ROBOYO VOICES: As a Senior Automation Engineer here at Roboyo, Juan is an expert in business transformation and processes improvement. With a high level of expertise in implementing and improving specialized automation (RPA), Juan designs and implements end-to-end solutions for scalable and fault-tolerant systems. Here he talks about how robots could be your new best friend.


A few decades ago, to think that we could control a robot was an incredible idea. Whilst some of us imagined the concept as a personal assistant bringing your favorite lunch or a coffee at the press of a button, as technology developed, it became so much more than that.

Would you believe me when I say it could be your new co-worker? Not sat next to you stealing your favorite pen but working from the Cloud.

With advances in technology, today this is a reality! Having permanent and ‘always on’ robots could be the solution to an organization’s productivity problem. The idea of ‘doing more with less’ is an extremely attractive proposition for companies looking to reduce costs and improve consistency and efficiency.


The key to success is creating an environment where robots and humans work together in harmony.

Research carried out by Harvard Business Review (HBR) involving 1,500 firms in a range of industries, shows that the biggest performance improvements come when humans and smart machines work together, enhancing each other’s strengths.

My job at Roboyo is to give life to those robots, as Geppetto gave life to Pinocchio. Whereas he had to use some type of wood with magical powers, I use UiPath specialized software. Whilst this might seem an odd analogy, there are some important similarities. For example, both need a lot of creativity and passion in what we do, otherwise we would have a sick robot that would need constant treatments and attention just as Pinocchio would have done.

So, what are the advantages to knowing that your new co-worker is a robot? Firstly, and possibly most importantly, they will not steal your favorite pen and you will not have to fight them for the last biscuit.

Secondly, because some robots have an incredibly special characteristic called ‘Schedule’ it allows you to automate your previously manually scheduled activities without you having to do a thing.

Thirdly, wherever you are in the world you’ll be able to receive a response, and the robot will process complex operations in a matter of seconds. And finally, if you’re not a fan of mathematics, your best ally has arrived. Robots love formulas!


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is internally composed of a code that stores and executes each task or activity that a human would perform on a daily basis.

For a developer like me, it’s important to have the gift of looking to the future. Part of my job is to anticipate the potential scenarios a user could face, solve it with the help of the robot and enable it to continue its activities. I find this the most exciting part of my work. Plus, as each robot is unique, we as developers are able to apply our personal stamp of authenticity.


To get the best out of this pioneering technology, the benefit for businesses comes from optimizing collaboration between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Harvard Business Review outlined five key principles which can help do this:

HBR found that the more of these principles’ companies adopted, the better their AI initiatives performed in terms of speed, cost savings, revenues, or other operational measures.

It’s all about teamwork – you will still need to help the robot perform certain tasks that only the intellect of a human brain can deal with, such as analyzing and decision making. You will always have control of the robot; they will not control you.


In the past few years, we’ve seen businesses accelerate their digital transformation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – robots were a lifeline for many companies. As the technology evolves and becomes even more intelligent, the fields of RPA, AI and Machine Learning are going from strength to strength. It’s a thing of marvel.

I’m often curious to know if at some point a robot could be your next best friend but for now a robot will settle for being the best work partner you’ve ever had!

Through our change management expertise, we unify stakeholders behind a clear automation vision, set a digital skills roadmap and embed a culture where a hybrid, human+digital workforce can flourish.

Talk to us today about how we can help you build an agile, high-performance human+ workforce.

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