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Roboyo announces Global Partnership with Process Mining leader, Celonis

Jan 17, 2022 | < 1 min read

LONDON, JANUARY 17, 2022 – Today, Roboyo becomes the first professional services company fully specializing in intelligent automation to become a Celonis Service Partner.

“Celonis is a valued and valuable partner for Roboyo. Celonis and Roboyo share a common purpose to optimize business value by optimizing business processes. The power of Celonis’ process mining and execution management in transforming operational execution will continue to bring immense value to our clients’ businesses and our own.”

David Påhlman, Chief Partnership Officer, Roboyo

Celonis is the global leader in process mining and execution management. It pioneered the process mining category 10 years ago when it first developed the ability to automatically X-ray processes to identify inefficiencies. Today Celonis leverages this foundation and pioneered execution management to help every organization in the world execute and run their business on data.

“Since we began our collaboration, Roboyo and Celonis are jointly enabling customers to use all their data, rather than a fraction of it, and intelligence to close execution gaps in their processes. With Roboyo’s automation expertise, and the Celonis Execution Management System, we’re empowering customers to take intelligent action in real-time to make their data work for them and to add a brain to their processes.”

Karina Vogl, Vice President, Partner Management EMEA, Celonis

Roboyo is the world’s largest Intelligent Automation professional services company, with locations in 18 cities, across 11 countries and 3 continents. It helps clients to operationalize a full spectrum of AI-powered automation technologies, creating hybrid Human+digital workforces.

By helping its clients harness the power of intelligent automation technologies, like the Celonis EMS, Roboyo re-engineers enterprise operations. Processes are performed at many times the speed, a fraction of the cost and with zero errors, delivering sustainable cost, competitive and cultural advantages. 

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