What are the Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

Lots of people are aware of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, but many people are unsure or unclear about how this training can benefit themselves and their organization.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is possibly one of the most valuable for your organization. Many people think that it is better to train a lot of colleagues to a Black Belt or Master Black Belt level, but the reality is that you need far more Green Belt level colleagues. Green Belts are the doers – the ones that deliver the bulk of the improvement work.

Improvement is a skill that can be learned like any other. Once you’ve been trained in the basics, it’s vital that you begin putting your newly learned skills into practice. New skills that are left unpracticed are quickly forgotten – and any benefits or value you’d have from the course are gone.

Here are our top 5 benefits for training yourself or your staff to a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level:

1. Deliver an Improvement Project during the training

When they complete our course – they need to also deliver a real project to gain certification. We deliver this course over a period of months and your colleagues will work on their project in between training days. These projects also ensure that the minimum benefit to your business is far greater than the cost of the course. In our experience – you can expect a course to deliver 5 to 10 times the benefit to your organization.

2. Improve your customer experience

In our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, we focus on the customer. We’ve found that lower costs, higher quality and more sales all come from starting with the customer experience. We teach our Green Belts to see the process through the eyes of the customer – eliminating effort & non-value added activity from the customer. Reducing failure means reducing how often customers need to contact you and improves their satisfaction with your organization.

3. Develop your employees

Investing in your employees creates a higher level of employee engagement. By putting your staff through Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, you’re investing in their future and the future of your organization. You’re helping to develop their career and their professional skills. By working on many and varied projects in your organization, they will develop a greater understanding of how your business works and how different departments and divisions work (or don’t work) together to deliver your products and services.

4. Lower your costs

Too often, this is the primary focus for Lean Six Sigma projects – how much money will they save? This is because it’s an easy metric to measure and compare the cost of the project vs the benefits it brings. But there’s no point pretending that Lean Six Sigma projects won’t return a cost-saving – they do and it can help increase the profitability of your organization. We’ve worked with organizations that were losing money to help them turn a profit. We’ve worked with profitable companies to help increase their profits. We’ve worked with companies who’ve been able to grow their sales, but not grow their cost base to service those customers. All of these are examples of cost-saving.

5. Increase your sales

Lean Six Sigma is not just about reducing costs – it can be about increasing value. We teach our staff to look at your Marketing, Sales and Retention processes to measure the current performance and understand how it can be improved. Increased sales are one of the greatest benefits of Lean Six Sigma – but one so few organizations take advantage of. We’ve worked with companies to increase their sales between 10% and 30% higher at no extra cost to their existing budgets. It’s easier to fix a poor sales or retention process than it is to go and find more customers to talk to.

There are many more benefits to Green Belt training such as:

  • solving the root cause of problems, rather than treating the symptoms
  • managing performance with validated data and eliminating guess-work
  • developing a culture of continues improvement
  • improve your stakeholder management and communication skills
  • and many more…

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your organization – invest in some Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training for your colleagues. At the very least, they will deliver projects during our training that is greater than the cost of the training – guaranteeing your return on investment – even if they never go on to use the skills further.

Focusing on developing your employees and improving your organization can never be anything other than a great thing for your company.

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