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Listen to lessons learned from automation veterans from the public and private sector, with a special guest appearance from Gerard Badorrek, the former CFO of the US General Services Administration, as he shares his experience rolling out RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in the federal government.

RPA and Intelligent Automation are transformative technologies accelerating digital transformation and modernizing customer journeys and citizen services across the government and private sector organizations.

Watch this thought-provoking virtual roundtable where we interview leaders from both sides of the spectrum, asking them to share their experiences and lessons learned throughout large-scale automation deployments in the federal government, the higher education industry, and the private sector.


– Why RPA and tips for getting started

– Common challenges faced in RPA projects

– IT vs. Business-led approach

– When and how to scale the automation program

– Best practices around governance and Center of Excellence (CoE)

– How fast is the government adopting RPA compared to the private sector

Webinar: Who is winning the automation race, government or the private sector?

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