Celonis World Tour – Chicago

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Roboyo is proud to sponsor this year’s Celonis World Tour, we are pleased to invite you to join us at the NYC and Chicago stops, where you will be able to discover the next generation of business performance.

Learn how you can discover the small inefficiencies and bottlenecks that could be hindering your organization’s performance, with the Celonis process mining and execution management platform.

Meet us in Chicago this June 15, 2022, where Celonis is bringing together industry leaders, business titans, and the world’s top experts in process mining and execution management. 

You’ll learn from the leaders from various industries and discover the strategies, tactics, and technology needed to take your business performance to the next level. Now.


  • Learn how to reveal and fix hidden inefficiencies across your organization and boost performance to new levels.
  • Discover how process mining and execution management can add significant, measurable value to your top, bottom, and green line.

Event starts in

June 2022
Wednesday 15th
12:00 – 17:30CST
333 N Green St, Chicago

Can’t attend the webinar? No problem, we’ll send you the recording afterwards

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