WEBINAR: The Power of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation was identified by Gartner as one of 2022’s top 10 strategic technology trends.

While many companies already automate a number of processes with individual technologies, Hyperautomation integrates use of RPA, AI, machine learning and analytics.

In this insightful webinar, our Roboyo experts together with Automation Anywhere will discuss opportunities, benefits, synergies and best practice models when considering Hyperautomation for your organization.

Please note: This webinar will be delivered in English.

Our experts will discuss:

  • How different intelligent automation technologies can be combined into a single platform to form the core of Hyperautomation.
  • How the right mix of process-oriented technologies is selected, orchestrated and controlled using real-time RPA analytics.
  • How Hyperautomation creates a digital, virtual twin of the organization that visualizes a holistic view of processes, metrics and their interaction in real time.

We look forward to an engaging discussion to support you in your automation goals for 2022.


Romain Alexandre – Automation Lead, Roboyo

Romain has a decade of experience working in RPA. He’s developed, designed, and configured automation processes for some of the world’s largest financial services, insurance and healthcare names. As Roboyo’s Automation Lead, Romain develops multiple automation solutions from design to release – helping clients capture the exponential power of automation to elevate performance gains from increments to multiples.

Frank Schikora – Group Chief Automation Engineer, Roboyo

Frank has more than 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of IT infrastructure and services. He has held senior roles in projects involving RPA, infrastructure, hyperautomation, migrations, network management, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning. ​

As Group Chief Automation Engineer, Frank oversees all the implementations across the different technologies Roboyo provides.

Michael Weiss – Strategic Partner Manager, Automation Anywhere

From programming COBOL to databases, ESB to API management, Michael has a profound knowledge on enterprise software stacks for business applications. In the last few years Michael has assisted various companies on their road to digital transformation using Automation Anywhere’s intelligent automation platform which brings the agility and scaling needed to meet business needs.

Stefan Karsten – Senior Sales Engineer, Automation Anywhere

Stefan Karsten has been working in process automation for over 20 years, including the last 4 years at Automation Anywhere. Stefen supports clients primarily from the customer service, banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors on the introduction of solutions to automate processes, decisions and tasks. In recent years, he has focused on the areas of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI.

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Wednesday 26th
15:00 – 16:00CET
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