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UiPath Modern Design

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Grow your knowledge with UiPath and elevate your automation journey

Harnessing the potent capabilities of UiPath’s modern UI automation is akin to unlocking a superpower within the UiPath Business Platform. Discover how to wield these capabilities for quick and reliable results. With our UiPath Modern Design course.  

This course is designed for passionate automation explorers who are looking for a transformative learning experience and take their knowledge of UiPath to the next level. You’ll take a deep dive into the core of UI automation with in-depth coverage of UI Automation activities and Activity properties and learn how to navigate the ever-evolving world of automation with confidence.  

You’ll walk away with knowledge around the latest, cutting-edge targeting methods for UI Automation in UiPath Studio. This course is like no other and you’ll walk away with tangible and useable knowledge to transform the way you use UiPath. 

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Perfect For
  • Developers, Junior RPA Developers 
  • Support Engineers 
  • Engineers with basic development knowledge (.NET, C#, VB, …). 
Key Takeaways
  • Recorder Revolution: Unleash the power of the new Recorders in UiPath Studio. Embrace the future of automation with hands-on guidance that will set you apart in the automation landscape. 
  • Efficient Scraping Wizards: Discover the secrets of Scraping Wizards and amplify your data extraction capabilities. Extract, transform, and load data like a pro with the latest tools at your disposal. 
  • Object Repository Mastery: Get a comprehensive introduction to the Object Repository and learn how to leverage it effectively in your automation projects. 
  • Excel Integration Excellence: Harness the potential of new Excel App Integration to streamline your automation workflows and make data management a breeze. 
Meet your trainers
Brandon Ferrer Tapia
Automation Enablement Specialist

Brandon Ferrer Tapia

Payment Options

Payments can be made at the time of booking using a credit or debit card securely via Stripe payment gateway or via invoice.


What background knowledge is necessary?  

  • Software development background  
  • Experience in .NET, or VB/VBA, and PowerShell is a strong plus 
  • Openness to work with modern technologies is mandatory 
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript (or any scripting language) and of working with SQL databases is an advantage 
  • Good analytical skills 
  • Previous completion of the UiPath Foundation Developer Training 

Is there a certain number of seats? 

  • To ensure that we can support each participant individually in the best possible way, the course is limited to 10 seats. 

What are the technology requirements? 

Notebook with following software installed:  

  • MS Excel, MS Outlook, PDF Viewer 
  • UiPath Studio (including license) 
  • MS Teams (or Teams online) in case of virtual training delivery 
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