3 key reasons why your business could benefit from UiPath Apps

May 16, 2023 | 3 min read

If you have inefficient workflows ripe for transformation, low-code app development platform UiPath Apps could help – but it’s important to check it aligns with your business needs and objectives first.

Does your organization have a lot of inefficient workflows that could benefit from being streamlined – by being integrated into an app?

If so, and if the workflows are simple and manageable enough, then UiPath Apps might be the answer.

It could help you develop the apps you need using a low-code platform, without building a full-blown system around your workflows, which may not make financial sense.

At Roboyo, we’re a UiPath Diamond partner, so we can help you make the most of UiPath Apps, supporting your efforts to streamline processes and improve collaboration.

Of course, you may also need advice on whether UiPath Apps is the right tool for you – because as a low-code platform, it won’t suit every case.

This blog explains some of the key things to consider to help you find the right fit.


UiPath Apps is a low-code development platform – designed to help you build custom apps, which can be connected in turn to automated processes.


There are many benefits to UiPath Apps. Here are three:

1. It’s easy to get started and quick to production

UiPath App Studio, the development environment for UiPath Apps, is a user-friendly interface – so it’s easy to understand and use.

There is a number of input actions and display forms, for example, so the learning curve is quick – though some technical knowledge is required to use the platform effectively.

Ultimately, creating simple apps doesn’t take much effort, and you can quickly turn an idea into a functional application for your business unit.

2. Because it’s lower effort, it can free up time

UiPath Apps requires lower effort than traditional software development, so you open up the possibilities of low-cost automation.

This means you can free up time and resources for your organization – shifting focus from what’s in front of you to what’s coming next, so you can work more strategically.

3. It integrates easily with other UiPath technologies

Using UiPath Apps, it’s extremely easy to connects to other UiPath services.

If you have an on-premises UiPath environment, you can use UiPath Apps, but to do so, you must set up a connection to Azure App Service.


UiPath Apps is a valuable tool for automating business processes and increasing efficiency – but there are also a couple of things to consider, to make sure it’s suitable for your business needs.

1. There is still a learning curve

Although the learning curve for UiPath Apps is quick, it still exists, and there is some technical knowledge required.

It’s important to consider the skills of your users to assess whether it’s right for you – though it could be a chance to develop their technical skills.

2. It’s not as flexible as traditional development

When you’re using UiPath Apps, dependence on the UiPath platform may limit flexibility.

When working within data tables, for example, users may find it challenging that they’re unable to add or remove rows or manipulate data.

While it’s possible to work around this limitation by creating a customized list with input fields corresponding to the number of columns, this may result in a less visually appealing data table that is harder to read.

As a result, UiPath Apps may be better suited for simpler processes rather than complex ones.

3. Dependency on bots affects speed

For UiPath Apps to carry out any tasks or actions, you must use bots. And each time a task needs to be performed, there will be loading times you can’t get around.

One strategy to minimize loading times is to link fields together and use simple queries to perform calculations. This way, users can update fields without necessarily having to trigger an RPA process, which can help speed up the process.

Additionally, creating a database using UiPath Data Service can also help to populate and update fields more quickly than running an RPA process in the background.

While UiPath Data Service comes with storage limitations, it’s still a valuable tool for increasing efficiency and reducing loading times. By using these strategies, users can optimize their use of UiPath Apps and streamline their business processes.

When evaluating UiPath Apps, it’s important to take a thoughtful, strategic approach – so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your organization. But with the right advice and implementation, UiPath Apps can drive significant benefits and help organizations achieve business objectives.


As a UiPath Diamond partner, we understand how to make the most of UiPath Apps – and maximize benefits for our customers.

If you’re looking to build elegant apps the low-code way, book a meeting with one of our experts, and take your automations to the next level, now.

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