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Roboyo strengthens cybersecurity and software capabilities with strategic acquisition of WeMake

Sep 15, 2022 | 2 min read

NUREMBERG, SEPTEMBER 15 2022: Roboyo Group, the world’s largest hyperautomation professional services company has today announced that WeMake will join its ranks, strengthening the Roboyo Group’s European presence and consolidating its strategy for global growth.

WeMake will add a number of experienced automation and cybersecurity specialists to Roboyo’s operations, boosting its global presence to over 500 employees at locations in 20 cities, across 13 countries and 3 continents.

We are extremely excited about joining forces with WeMake! As an industry leader in implementing BPM solutions, cybersecurity, and IMS, adding WeMake to the Group will not only strengthen our footprint in the hyperautomation space but expand our geographical footprint in terms of talent and clients in Portugal and beyond.

Nicolas Hess, Co-Founder and CEO, Roboyo

Both companies have built reputations on depth of technical and process expertise. By adding WeMake to the Group Roboyo will expand their offering to clients in terms of Business Process Management (BPM) implementation, information security, cybersecurity, and pen testing technology solutions. This fits perfectly with Roboyo’s mission of driving increased value for clients and capturing the exponential power of hyperautomation to elevate performance gains from increments to multiples.

We are delighted to join the Roboyo Group. As leaders in BPM implementation and our strengths in cybersecurity, compliance, and business continuity perfectly complements Roboyo’s hyperautomation expertise, creating a formidable offering for our customers.

Luis Barreiros and Pedro Carneiro, Co-Founders, WeMake

Founded in Germany in 2016, Roboyo already works with many of the Fortune 500, enabling organizations to harness the full spectrum of hyperautomation technologies, from RPA, BPM and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Machine Learning (ML) and more.

With this latest acquisition, Roboyo will continue to take what’s possible to the next level in new and innovative ways, enabling the most dynamic companies to succeed at speed.

About Roboyo

Roboyo helps clients to operationalize a full spectrum of AI-powered automation technologies, creating hybrid Human+digital workforces that elevate enterprise performance gains from increments to multiples.

This holistic approach to process automation helps businesses re-engineer enterprise operations, performing processes at many times the speed, a fraction of the cost and with zero errors, significantly improving both employee and customer experience.

This has earned Roboyo a reputation for successfully empowering companies to adapt to a rapidly changing operating environment and deliver next level business performance.

About WeMake

Founded in Portugal in 2002 WeMake – Tecnologias de Informação, Lda is a leader in Business Process Management (BPM) implementation, bespoke software development, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. With a focus on design and implementation of tailor-made solutions to improve the profitability and cybersecurity of customers’ businesses, optimizing processes and reducing costs using technically advanced solutions.

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