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Get a comprehensive understanding of Intelligent Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) governance, the AOM (Automation Operating Model), and the (CoE) Center of Excellence.

Governance is a critical component of any RPA and Intelligent Automation initiative. With a structure in place to control it, RPA becomes more responsive, more agile, and less bureaucratic, enabling organizations to reduce risks when scaling automation across the enterprise.

For organizations to avoid issues, risks, and failures, deploying a centralized control and a robust governance framework is essential.

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– Governance in intelligent automation and the importance of it to have a successful automation journey

– The Automation Operating Model, what is it, why it matters, and how it helps scale RPA across the organization

– How a Center of Excellence is a key driver for a successful RPA initiative

– The importance of the Robotic Operating team, the key roles and responsibilities, and how they fit into RPA initiatives

White Paper: RPA Governance Guide

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