Close up of 3D printer creating a computer board Close up of 3D printer creating a computer board

If your organization is looking to drive digital transformation forward, there will be countless processes that are ripe for automation. Virtually any task that is repeatable, high-volume, and standardized – or can be standardized – represents an opportunity.

As a manager or analyst in an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE), it’s your role to find and analyze processes for automation –to help improve your organization’s performance. And the most critical step is the Process Deep Dive: the workshop where you shadow an expert, as they walk you through their process in detail.

At Roboyo, our experts can take care of this process for you. From confirming that your process is appropriate (and ready), to helping make subject matter experts comfortable, and creating thorough documentation required for a successful automation project.

In this handy guide Automation Consultant Libby Marx sets out the steps you can take to make things run smoothly and avoid problems later.

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3 Ways to make a Process Deep Dive run smoothly

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