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Jan 13, 2023 | 2 MIN LECTURA

We’re thrilled and humbled to be wrapping up 2022 with another two awards from our long-standing partner and global low-code platform leader, Appian. The awards are given to partners who are leading the way in executing digital transformation projects.

This further solidifies the strong partnership and investment we have made in the Appian platform, and in the Roboyo Group’s commitment to service delivery excellence and successful outcomes for organizations across the globe. It’s also a celebration of the dedication and excellence of our people. 

When Procensol – a Roboyo Group Company was founded in 2008, and again when we were acquired by the Roboyo Group in 2022, we constantly see the incredible opportunity that low code and process automation platforms bring to organizations. We believed, and still do, that with proper problem diagnosis, the implementation of the right solutions and people alignment, and the reliability of consistent, excellent service delivery results in incredible digital transformations for our customers.

Faced with market challenges or changes in buyer behavior, organizations tend to latch on to new technology as the panacea. Technology on its own rarely ends up being the right solution though, and it happens all too often that the true source of the problem is not addressed. I may get an eyeroll or two for referring to the almost overused People-Process-Technology triad, but it does really come down to this: they cannot be successful in isolation. This is the crux of the success of our partnership with Appian.


Digital transformation is a journey. The first step is knowing where to begin, and how to build and combine the right skills, processes, and tools to make sustainable transformational impact. Doing this well requires the wisdom that comes from experience, and it is at the very heart of how we help our customers succeed. Not surprisingly, Appian mirrors this essence at its heart.

Before Appian was a company, it was an idea. Not about a product or a market, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation and value. Appian was founded on the belief that talented and passionate people, given the power and autonomy to excel, will deliver amazing results – a belief the Roboyo Group shares. 

This vision truly spotlights the ecosystem needed to create outstanding and lasting value and results. The combination of Appian’s leading low code platform and process automation software with the Roboyo Group’s expertise and experience in low-code app development and automation service delivery is helping our customers get to the next level of digital transformation.

I asked Anastasia Race, Appian’s Head of Alliances for APAC for her view on what the partnership means to them.

Appian’s partners are a strategic asset in helping support the rapidly growing market demand for low-code process automation around the world. That’s why we continue to recognize Procensol year after year. You have been a key partner for many years and as part of the Roboyo Group will continue to work with us to provide innovative, unique, and effective solutions for our customers.

Anastasia Race – Appian’s Head of Alliances for APAC


Details of the awards are covered in our press release, which can be read here. I’d like to also thank Appian for their dedication to our partnership and their support these many years. Now, together with Roboyo, we have an exciting opportunity to bring transformational low-code and hyperautomation solutions to more regions, accelerating the delivery of benefits and value to organizations around the globe.

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